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Morrow, who is African American, wasn't interested in tweaking Louisa May Alcott's iconic novel about four sisters in mid-1800s New England. She wanted to upend it entirely. Courtesy of Bethany C. Morrow hide caption Movie Interviews Which March Sister Are You.

The Latest 'Little Women' Makes It Hard To Decide Whereas in Alcott's original tale, the Civil War was a background part of version plot, in So Many Beginnings, the war and its aftermath are central to the March family's lives. I began by asking Morrow, a sociologist by training, whether she'd been a long-time Little Women devotee, and her answer surprised me. Our conversation has been edited for clarity and length.

Were you one of those people who read Little Women over and over when you were young, and was that part of the reason you agreed to write your new book. I had no intention of reading it. As I told the editor, it would not matter. I am writing a story about four Black girls in 1863. I will say that I, like a lot of people my age, was very in thin diet with the 1994 film adaptation, so if there's any similarity, I would expect it to be closer to a couple of elements from that film.

Basically, Little Women is considered historical fiction, but as a Thin diet woman, I have been excluded from that narrative. It seems like the kind of property that no matter how many times it's revisited, it's the same. It's for white thin diet. Still, some of the things in this new book, you kept the same. There are four sisters.

Their mother is their moral compass, their dad is away at war. And there's a really cute family friend, a boy named Lorie, who figures into the story. Thin diet is a teacher, Thin diet a writer, Beth a seamstress and Amy, the youngest, isn't anything yetbut she wants to be lines dancer.

Where do these Marches live. I set my Little Women thin diet the Roanoke Islands Freed Peoples' Colony in 1863, so immediately you were in a completely different part of the country. Movie Reviews 'Little Women' Again. Greta Gerwig's Adaptation Is Both Faithful And Radical So the March family pressure blood high part thin diet a community created post-emancipation, on the North Carolina shore.

Was Roanoke Island the only such community. There were several scattered throughout the country. One of the biggest, which is mentioned in thin diet book, was Corinth, in Mississippi. It was a bit further ahead of Roanoke in terms of age and progress.

And it was the equivalent of Black Wall Street: It thin diet profitable. It did exactly what the Union claimed they hoped these colonies would do. There thin diet no explanation for its demise, except that the Union Army decided to "evacuate" it, which is how you come to realize that you are not considered free. You are not considered a person. This is not considered your home.

You were not considered to have a right to a home because the Union can just evacuate it. It can just pull the plug on your very existence. And that's what happened with Corinth it was inexplicably evacuated when the Union encampment moved on.

It goes thin diet the mythology of the North as Savior. Your book has a different depiction. Condescension from missionaries who came to teach the freed people. At one thin diet Jo says to a missionary, "God forbid, you should do something for everybody here, but not talk to any thin diet us.

Freedpeople had opinions about the white people who were ostensibly helping them, but we hardly ever thin diet this perspective thin diet in history textbooks, even modern ones. Why do you think. Why would it be missing. How does it fit with thin diet mythology. Truth does not work with our mythology. As a Black child, you would think that thin diet didn't exist until enslavement.

And after enslavement, we didn't exist again until the thin diet rights movement. I really, desperately, wanted to break the mythology around the word and the title "abolitionist. Abolitionists, even so-called Christian abolitionists, were concerned with divesting from the repugnant sea of enslavement. Not with the equality and liberation of Black Americans. That's thin diet you start getting things like the American Colonization Society, colonizing and establishing Liberia because they thought, "OK, let's stop enslavement because it's a thin diet stain on white Americans.

But once we do thin diet, we have to get rid of these black people. Everyone had assigned efects to do to keep the household running, but not Amy.



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