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We were trained to host professional development days with a single training pitched to the middle and hope that everyone will take the ideas back to their classroom and use them. And we were trained to offer the same set of follow-up supports after every post-observation conference, regardless of how the different teachers performed on their evaluation. How can we expect to see individual improvement from every teacher when we offer them nothing but generalized supports.

For some, the support is too much. For others, it's too little. And others feel it's just right. We know intuitively that one kind of support doesn't suit everyone on our staff, and we'd love to give everyone the kind of support that's just right for them, but there are only so many hours in Kapspargo Sprinkle (Metoprolol Succinate Capsules )- Multum day.

Besides, you can't please everyone all the time. And that you could do it in a way that doesn't create a lot of extra work for you or require a ton of extra time. And that you could track everything, seeing each teacher make progress and seeing a real and lasting change Kapspargo Sprinkle (Metoprolol Succinate Capsules )- Multum your school's classrooms.

I was working with a teacher on differentiating AP test preparation. I explained to her that she needed to plan a differentiated approach for the rest of the year.

As I was walking her through the process, it hit me: if I expected teachers to find ways to differentiate their lessons to meet each student's needs, shouldn't I differentiate my professional development to do the same thing. Sometimes that is because they have only been teaching for a few months or years. Other times it's because they have been repeating their first year of teaching over and over again for several years. For example, novice teachers may not check for understanding during the lesson.

They may not even realize that they have lost students entirely. They generally know what to do, but they struggle with how to do it. Apprentices tend to plow through the lesson regardless of what students pfizer 150 pgn doing.

For instance, apprentices know that you need to check for understanding and include understanding checks in their lessons.

But they do not adjust their teaching based Kapspargo Sprinkle (Metoprolol Succinate Capsules )- Multum how students respond to these understanding checks. Apprentices therefore need support around the execution of skills. They have a repertoire of practice that works with most students and are generally effective and efficient in the classroom.

However, they do have some gaps in their practice. For instance, practitioners will check for understanding and respond immediately if they detect that students are off track. While their strategies will help most students get back on track, they may inadvertently leave a few behind.

Their practice is seamless, and they not only anticipate students' needs, Kapspargo Sprinkle (Metoprolol Succinate Capsules )- Multum transfer ownership and responsibility for learning to students so that students can become self-directed. Master teachers also check for understanding and anticipate misunderstandings before they arise, and they empower students to monitor their own understanding so that they can become self-advocates for what they need to learn more successfully.

That means that they are in danger of getting into a rut. The chart in Figure 2. For instance, suppose you are working with teachers on asking higher-level questions during instruction. You would not give all teachers the same professional development or resources, because not all teachers have amcinonide (Cyclocort Ointment)- FDA same understanding of or expertise with higher-order questioning strategies.

Instead, you'd give teachers differentiated support to meet their specific needs. The focus of your support would be to introduce them to the strategy and help them develop basic proficiency with it. This might include helping them adjust the timing or order of their questions so that they build students' understanding over the Kapspargo Sprinkle (Metoprolol Succinate Capsules )- Multum of the lesson johnson 120 showing them how to follow up with students who do not answer questions correctly.



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