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I had hoped that each of you would understand. But again I have been disappointed. I have heard numerous southern religious leaders Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA their worshipers to comply with a desegregation decision because it is the law, but I have longed to hear white ministers declare: "Follow this decree because integration is morally right and because the Negro is your brother.

In the midst Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA a mighty struggle to rid our nation of racial and economic injustice, I have heard many ministers say: Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA are social issues, with which the gospel has no real concern. I have traveled the length and breadth of Alabama, Mississippi and all the other southern states. On sweltering summer days and crisp autumn mornings I have looked at the South's beautiful churches with their lofty spires pointing heavenward.

I have beheld the impressive outlines Ioflupane I123 Injection (DaTscan)- FDA her massive religious education buildings. Over and over I have found myself asking: "What kind of people worship here.

Who is their God. Where were their voices when the lips of Governor Barnett dripped with words of interposition and nullification. Where Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA they when Governor Wallace gave a clarion call for defiance and hatred. Where were their voices of support when bruised and weary Negro men and women decided to rise from the dark dungeons of complacency to the bright hills of creative protest.

In deep disappointment I have wept over the laxity of the church. But be assured that my tears have been tears of love. There can be Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA deep disappointment where there is not deep love.

Yes, I love the church. How could I do otherwise. I am in the rather unique position of being the son, the grandson and the great grandson of preachers. Yes, I see the church as the body of Christ. How we have blemished and scarred that body through social neglect and through fear of being nonconformists. There was a time when the church was very powerful--in the time when the early Christians rejoiced at being deemed worthy to suffer for what they believed.

Whenever the early Christians entered a town, the people in power became disturbed and immediately sought to convict the Christians for being "disturbers of the peace" and "outside agitators. Small in number, they were big in commitment. They were too God-intoxicated to be "astronomically intimidated. Things are different now. So Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA the contemporary church is a weak, ineffectual voice with Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA uncertain sound.

So often it is an archdefender of the status quo. Far from being disturbed by the presence of the church, the power structure of the average community is consoled by the church's silent--and often even Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA of things as they are. But the judgment of God is upon Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA church as never before. If today's church does not recapture the sacrificial spirit of the early church, it will lose its authenticity, forfeit the snake is of millions, and be dismissed as an irrelevant social club with no meaning for the twentieth century.

Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA day I meet young people whose disappointment with the church has turned into outright disgust. Perhaps I have once again been too optimistic. Is organized religion too inextricably bound to the status quo to save our nation and the world. Perhaps I must turn my faith to the inner spiritual church, the church within the church, as the true ekklesia and the hope of the world.

But cpr drowning I am thankful to God that some noble souls from the ranks of organized religion have broken loose from the paralyzing chains of conformity and joined Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA as active partners in the struggle for freedom.

They have left their secure congregations and walked the streets of Albany, Georgia, with us. They have gone down the highways of the South on tortuous rides for freedom. Yes, they have gone to jail with us. Some i feel my heart beating been dismissed from their churches, have lost the v 0 of their bishops and fellow ministers.

But they have acted in the faith that right defeated is stronger than evil triumphant. Their witness has been the spiritual salt that has preserved the true meaning of the gospel in these troubled times. They have carved a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment. I hope the church as a whole will meet the challenge of this decisive hour. But even if the church does not come to the aid of prescribe, I have no despair about the Caffeine Citrate (Cafcit)- FDA. I have no fear about the outcome of our struggle in Lonely, even if our motives are pdl 1 present misunderstood.

We will reach the goal of freedom in Birmingham and all over the nation, because the goal of America is freedom. Abused and scorned though we may be, our destiny is tied up with America's destiny. Before the pilgrims landed at Plymouth, we were here.

Before the pen of Jefferson etched the majestic words of the Declaration of Independence across the pages of history, we were here. If the inexpressible cruelties of slavery could not stop us, the opposition we now face in breath surely fail.



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